Are you...

 Stuck in a merry-go-round of blah?

Unclear about what you desire & why you even feel this "blah-ness"?

Want to make real change but have no idea how to start?

Looking for a strategy to kick start your journey?



In this e-course you will

Uncover what’s not working in your life beyond the surface level

Learn how to connect to your Inner Voice

Start the journey from confused & unfocused to engaged & hopeful

Create clear strategies to move from idea to implementation



The Details

3 Days

15-20 Minutes Each Day

Downloadable E-book

Downloadable Guided Mediation

can 15-20 minutes over 3 days really be that significant?

praise for the 3 day reboot e-course...

why should you try this E-course?

I'm committed to helping women get to the root of their stuckness. I deeply believe that this e-course is a great jumping off point.

You know about the benefits of contemplation, journaling, & visualization. But we all live extremely busy lives & I know how hard it is to do the things we know we should be doing. That's why the 3 Day Reboot is structured so you can get it done in short chunks.

Give yourself the gift of 15-20 minutes for the opportunity to gain clarity, hope, motivation & liberation.