I'm Loha Raphael, Certified Life Coach & Slayer of Self-Doubt.



Know how worthy you are exactly as you are. Believe that you are capable of reinventing yourself. Be grounded to your Inner Wisdom & connect to her with ease. Own & honor every single part of yourself - the shiny & the shadows. Heal your wounds so you can end your pattern of self-sabotage. Cherish your Divine Brilliance. Understand how you do you so you can coach yourself through hard times. Fiercely & proudly create your own path for yourself & your loved ones.

I want you to believe that you aren't broken.

I want you to release your shame.

I want you to feel whole again. 


Women who are tired of feeling stuck hire me to help them slay their self-doubt without shaming them.


Too many women are swimming in self-doubt cause they're ashamed that no matter what they do life just isn't turning out as they planned. I have intimate & sacred 1:1 coaching sessions, send weekly newsletters, create videos, write lengthy Facebook posts, & interview women I admire about this hidden shame so we can heal, rewrite our stories, & courageously pursue our dreams.

My aim is for you to learn how to soothe your Inner Critic so you can get off the self-sabotage roller coaster & create a life you love.

For 20 years, I've been fundamentally obsessed with the stories we tell ourselves about why we're unworthy. Across my career, I've assembled a variety of tools to dismantle those stories & create ones that actually lift us up.

My Work is Based On:

  • Courageous Living Certified Life Coach

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Media (earned while working my 9-5)

  • Drama degree from LaGuardia Arts (The high school made famous in the movie Fame)

  • 15+ years in Corporate America

  • Continuing coaching classes via The Sacred Depths Program

  • First generation Haitian-American


Here's what my work means for you:

  • I'm deeply familiar with the burnout that can happen when trying to juggle your job & your dreams. I will work with you to create strategies that won't overwhelm you.

  • I know the dread that comes from needing your J.O.B. but denying your dreams of living a totally different life. I always honor the choices you've made to survive as we work to help you forge a new, holistic future for yourself.

  • Working in behind the scenes roles & more visible roles in Corporate America taught me how easy it is to get lulled into comfort zones & lose my identity. I understand how hard it can be to navigate your professional life while staying motivated to bring your vision to life. I will never ignore any aspect of who you are & we'll determine the best way for you to navigate your professional & private worlds so you stay in alignment with your true self.

  • The desire to respect your family's sacrifices & dreams for you while honoring who you want to become is not always easily reconciled. I understand this delicate balance & will advocate for your dreams especially when this complex phenomenon overwhelms you.

I'm an active listener. that means i use all my senses to allow me to be intuitively guided to ask questions that get to the core of your fears. I'm a fierce advocate for telling your truth & will hold sacred space for your deepest desires to be uncovered & grow.

My life's journey so far has been a windy road leading me to many truths & the everlasting one is this - 

Bold self-exploration is the key to your freedom.

How do I know? Because I was living that #FauxLife, too.

For years I worked in a “safe” corporate job. I got used to that steady paycheck & let my soul die from 9-5, five a days a week, 52 weeks a year with 2 weeks vacation (because that’s what I was supposed to do, right?). I racked up debt buying vacation packages so I could hit pause on my bleak life. I lived for weekends so my loud laughing, creative, empathetic soul could be free.

But weekends weren’t enough for that stubborn, glorious little soul of mine.

No way was she putting up with that shit. My soul was not going to let me sell her out. Nah, she was all, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”. (I’ll dance with you anytime Patrick Swayze.)

After a year (or three) of self-help books, webinars, personal development conferences (i.e., looking to someone else to swoop in, run the show, & save the day), & many nights on the floor with a tear stained face, I started to realize the cold hard truth:

Nobody was coming to save me. I had to save myself. I owed it to myself to put on my own damn cape and turn my life around. And so do you.

Is it easy work? Hell no. It's a process that requires support to stay consistent.

Is it life changing & fucking fantastic work? Bet your ass it is. This is why I do the work I do.

You’re the key you’ve been searching for. Let's do this work together.


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