I'm Loha Raphael, Life Coach & Transformation Catalyst for self-doubting women.

I work with women who know in their bones they have a purpose (and a magnificent one at that), but can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

I’m here to help you get clear, stay focused, & create a life you love.

Because right now, the life you’re living probably isn’t what you imagined it would be, is it? Let me guess:

You’re tired of wondering if the 9-5 drudge is all your life will ever be.

You cringe when people ask you what your vision for the future is.

“I don’t know where to start?” is your personal refrain.

Your life looks great on paper but you’re actually overwhelmed, scared & confused.


A few more things that might sound familiar:

  • You scour the internet for vacation deals so you can run away from the shame of knowing your life is boring as f*ck.
  • The idea of a new career sounds great, but thinking of starting over makes you vomit a bit into your mouth.
  • Mornings are for hitting the snooze button three (ok, four times) in a row, & happy hours aren’t all that happy but are more for bitching with friends who are eternally stuck in the same place you are.

But on the other hand? Your social media is a thing of beauty, am I right?

Your hashtag game is bossy - #BestSelf #LifeisGreat #OnMyGrind #BrunchGang #TravelisLife, and anyone on the outside (except those few, close, happy hour friends) thinks you’ve got your shit together & wrapped in a big shiny bow.


Well, I call bullshit. 

How do I know? Because I was living that #FauxLife, too.


For years I worked in a “safe” corporate job. I got used to that steady paycheck and let my soul die from 9-5, five a days a week, 52 weeks a year with 2 weeks vacation (because that’s what I was supposed to do, right?). I racked up debt buying vacation packages so I could hit pause on my bleak life. I lived for weekends so my loud laughing, creative, empathetic soul could be free.

But weekends weren’t enough for that stubborn, glorious little soul of mine.

No way was she putting up with that shit. My soul was not going to let me sell her out. Nah, she was all, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”. (I’ll dance with you anytime, Patrick Swayze.)

After a year (or three) of self-help books, webinars, personal development conferences (i.e., looking to someone else to swoop in, run the show, & save the day), & many nights on the floor with a tear stained face, I started to realize the cold hard truth:


Nobody was coming to save me.

I had to save myself.

I owed it to myself to put on my own damn cape and turn my life around.

And so do you.


My superpower is helping you help yourself get out the proverbial corner you’ve put yourself in. To stop living for the weekends. To actually pay attention to what that creative, indomitable soul of yours wants.

I support you as we peel back the layers, clear out the gunk, & answer your soul’s call. I hit you up with no bullshit questions so you’re able to powerfully declare what you want & why you want it.

And best of all, we work together to create a plan to move forward in your life with clarity, courage & hope.


What could that life look like?

  • Shifting jobs so you're running your own consultancy gig, instead of working for the man. You know, so you can do business according to your own values & mission
  • Setting up boundaries so you're not a 24/7 on-call superhero to your family. (They're adults damn it. It's not your job to fix everything!)
  • When shit hits the fan (cause shit will hit the fan, no matter how hard you try) you're able to take a breath, focus, ask for help, & get things rolling again. Minus the shit, of course.


Can we keep it all the way real, Beautiful?


Is it easy work? No. It’s not. Is it life changing & fucking fantastic work? Bet your ass it is.

After all the work I’ve done (and continue to do - this isn’t a “finish it in a weekend” kind of deal) I know who I am. I like who I’m becoming. I trust that I’m in the driver’s seat of my life & it’s a really nice ride.


I'm a Courageous Living Certified Coach & I hold space for you as you transform your thinking, experience deep learning, & make authentic & powerful decisions for your life.

When something particularly sticky comes up, my inner research geek comes out, we dig in, & figure ish out. My dedication & commitment runs deep & I’ll bring all of me to our work.


You’re the key you’ve been searching for. Pick up your pen and start writing your story. Your soul, your purpose, your LIFE is waiting.


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