Rewrite Your Story Series with Marisa Flores: How to Keep Going When You Have a Setback

How do you keep going when you have a setback? Watch Marisa Flores as she talks about not getting stuck in the past, having a solid circle of friends, dealing with her inner critic, and much more! Get the inspiration and motivation you need to rewrite your story and create a life you love!

Fear, doubt, & guilt are some of the key culprits that make us believe we can't change directions in our lives even when we know the path we're on just isn't the right fit anymore.

I'm on a mission to change our perspective.

Join me for the Rewrite Your Story series where I'll interview relatable, fun & inspiring women. We'll talk about fear, success, overwhelm & just have an honest conversation about life & how they keep going even when life doesn't go as planned.

Learn their tools & techniques & add them to your "I Got This" toolbox.

For the first episode, I interviewed Marisa Flores, Owner & Chief Planner of The Event Ninjas. Marisa & I have been friends for over 20 years & she is an amazing woman.

Marisa isn't afraid to switch directions at any moment. She believes that life is fluid & her focus is on being where she is best able to thrive.

We discussed a lot in this episode including:

  • Not letting her past interrupt her dreams

  • How her high-quality inner circle is key to her sanity

  • Knowing who she will & won't associate with

  • What she does when her Inner Critic pops up

  • Why self-care is non-negotiable

  • How giving back to the community is in alignment with her authentic self

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As owner and chief planner of The Event Ninjas, an event planning and design agency, Marisa is deeply passionate about the power events have to move and connect people. She brings over 15 years of experience in project management, strategic communications and branding to each event to find unique solutions for every client. She also has a talent for re-imagining unconventional event spaces from a warehouse in Williamsburg for a wedding, to a beach on Governors' Island for an industry event. 

As The Event Ninjas grows, Marisa and her team are committed to supporting local organizations that empower young women and encourage entrepreneurship. This past year the team produced an event and documentary commemorating the Girls Scouts of West Harlem's history and hosted a seminar in goal planning for local entrepreneurs. Giving back is a major tenet of our business. 

Marisa is a proud alumna of LaGuardia's High School of Music and Art's art program. She earned a Bachelors degree in communications and media studies from Fordham University and a Masters degree in strategic communications from Columbia University. In her spare time she serves as a chapter disaster responder for the Red Cross and enjoys planning on solo adventures as well as traveling with family.


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