Rewrite Your Story Series with Sarah Silvas-Bernstein: How to Regain Your Power

Are you ready to improve your mindset? Listen to Sarah Silvas as she talks about productivity, self-care, body love, body wisdom, and much more! Get the inspiration and motivation you need to rewrite your story and create a life you love!

What if your body is the pathway to reclaiming your power?


In a world where there never seems to be enough time to do all the things, there's starting to be a shift back to what people often call “woo-woo” activities like meditating, seasonal rituals, tarot reading, etc.

This shift is a natural rebalancing of years of focusing on the outward back to the inward. Back to the innate power, that I believe, we are all born with.

Sarah Silvas-Bernstein is a yoga instructor, dance teacher, life coach & entrepreneur. Listen to our inspiring interview as she builds a framework that will lead us all on a journey back to ourselves.

Productivity as your main goal is a slippery slope that can quickly lead you to losing your connection to your true self.


In this episode, we go deep on a number of topics including:

  • How Sarah defines masculine and feminine energy and why all of us embody one type or another at varying times

  • Ditching the idea that productivity is how we should measure our value

  • Redefining self care and why choosing self-replenishment is not always an easy choice (it’s not just Netflix + chill)

  • Dealing with overwhelm and understanding how it shows up in your life (you might express overwhelm in the same way)

  • Desensitizing vs. re-sensitizing by connecting and reawakening to our bodies

  • The power of an “imagination party” (great practice you can try)

  • Quoya dance

  • Burlesque & how it’s changed her life [plus her awesome stage name! (hint = your dog’s name + street you grew up on)]


As you get ready to plan your new year, incorporate some of these ideas into your #NewYearNewYou goals. I have a feeling your body will thank you!


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