Rewrite Your Story Series with Laika Estime: Defining Your Values

What she does when she realizes she’s rejecting love, how she deals with her clients’ fear, and the biggest mistakes when she first started her business are some of the wisdom Laika Estime shares in this interview. Watch to get the inspiration and motivation you need to rewrite your story and create a life you love!

Celebrate your whole self NOW!

That sentence above sums up Laika's lifelong love of photographer & why her passion for it has never faded.

Laika is the wonderful photographer who captured all of the beautiful images of me on my website. We had the best time during my photo shoot. She has an infectious personality & is lit from within. I knew I had to interview her & she did not disappoint! 

Laika Estime is a an entrepreneur, photographer, coach & who knows what else she's going to add to her list! Watch our inspiring interview as she takes us on her journey of self-discovery & the lessons learned along the way.

Laika's has faced so many growing pains in her business & her mindset. You'll definitely nod your head in agreement as you watch.


In this episode, we go deep on a number of topics including:

  • How photography has always played a huge part in her life

  • The biggest mistake she made in her business

  • How she gained the strength to say no

  • Navigating her clients’ fear of doing their photo shoots

  • Her philosophy between balance & choice

  • Great question to ask yourself when you’re rejecting love in any way: Why not me?

  • The name of her autobiography (it’s a fun one!)


Click here or the image below to listen to the episode.


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