Change your vibe change your tribe

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I visited New Orleans for a business conference & I turned it into a mini-vacation since it was my first time visiting New Orleans.

I was planning on taking a quick weekend trip before the end of the year because this has been the busiest year of my life! Between fulfilling my coaching program requirements, starting my coaching business, & all my emotional & mental growth I knew I needed a break.

The timing of this conference was perfect. But I wouldn't have known about it if I wasn't intentional about staying in communication with people that making moves that are in alignment with my values & desires for my own life.

Are you in connection with people who are creating something you want to create for yourself?

There were so many amazing speakers featured discussing mindset, operations, finances, & helping us to create a blueprint for our lives.

A seasoned makeup artist was struggling to create a course for aspiring makeup artists to set themselves up for a successful career. She wanted to create a program filled with the advice she wished she had received when she was a newbie.

In less than 10 minutes, 2 business & income strategists helped her come up with the entire course! I was so inspired.

They were able to lay out a framework in mere minutes when she had been struggling for months. That's the power of interacting with people you admire & who inspire you.  

When the opportunity arises for you to interact with experts will you be ready to learn from them?

The rock stars of the world - Oprah, Bill Gates, Rihanna, etc. - are amazing but it's overwhelming to figure out how we can get from where we are now to their level. But you're trying to emulate leaders who have been on their journeys for 15, 20, 25 years or more! 

Try finding mentors who are 2, 3, or 5 years "ahead" of you on their pursuit of their dreams. They'll be easier for you to connect to & work with as you bring your dreams to life.

Who are you connected to?

What blogs are you reading? What shows are you watching? What information are you regularly exposing yourself to?

I'm not saying don't have fun! Shoot, I follow social media accounts just so I can laugh.

But make sure you're also consuming content that reinforces & expands your knowledge so you can apply the gems these leaders are sharing to your own life.

This is a major piece to getting to the next level in your life.

Watch the video I made while in New Orleans. I was so inspired that I recorded it in my hotel immediately after day one.