What is Life Coaching & How Will You Benefit?

What is Life Coaching and How Will You Benefit.png

I know the question, "What is a life coach anyway?" often comes up.

From my perspective, a life coach is a professional who uses a combination of tools, strategies & intuition to help you experience a mindset shift, tackle an emotional difficulty or successfully achieve an action-oriented goal.

If you were studying math & couldn't grasp it you'd hire a math tutor right? A professional who uses a combination of tools, strategies & intuition to guide you from where you are to where you want to be faster.

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1. Ask Transformational Questions. My listening skills & intuition combine because I have no idea what you're going to say so I have to remain in the moment to ensure I'm asking questions that help you experience movement in our session. I help you have the ah-ha moments that are needed to allow you to begin to transform your thinking & behavior.

2. Hold Space. This is always such a strange thing to say! So, what does that even mean? I'm present with you, without judgment. You have permission to experience the fullness of your emotions without fear that I'll break confidentiality.

3. Intuitive Listening. I'm not only listening to what you're saying, I'm also learning how you think & using this knowledge to readjust the direction of our sessions so that are time together is truly beneficial to you.

4. Perspective. I have a different vantage point than you so my objective perspective allows me to help you make connections you've never made & see things from a new angle.

5. Strategy & Structure. I provide practices & strategies that you'll implement in between our sessions. We work on creating change in areas that feel sticky so we design transformative & practical to bring your intentions, dreams & goals to reality. 

6. Accountability & Support. I stay with you for the duration of our time together. I regularly check on you & readjust our strategies as necessary because you invested in my skills & I deeply care about you experiencing tangible progress.

7. Honesty & Celebration. I will hold up the mirror & that can be tough. But you are not alone. I'll be honest but never use tough love because I believe that may lead to short term change but overall it breeds resentment. No amount of progress is too small! I will be your cheerleader as you grow & learn.


1. Deep Learning. We're going to get underneath your unsupportive thoughts & patterns of behavior & work on creating new supportive patterns. Let's say you have a bill that you have to pay by check that despite all the different practical steps you to take you always pay it late. You ignore alerts you set-up, you constantly mismanage your budget so you just don't have the money to pay that bill. You're not irresponsible but there's some block around paying for this service that we'll work on unlocking & disrupting.

2. Momentum. I'm here to help you focus, refocus & stay focused so you experience real movement in your life. I use a combination of woo-woo & practical strategies but when I ask you to use a guided meditation it's for a reason, it's just one rung on the ladder you invested in me to help you climb.

3. Transformation. Massive change is possible with personal, one-on-one support. It doesn't have to take years to experience a shift in a sticky area. That small shift feels amazing & exciting.

Together we dig, we dismantle, we rebuild & we have fun. Transformation is a process that can be thrilling, exciting, hard, & enlightening & it's worth it. It's what I've been able to experience & what I want to help you achieve, too.