Are You a Life Remix Rebel?

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What is a manifesto? According to, "A manifesto is a public statement stating your views or your intention to do something."

If you're new to me, welcome! I know what the foundation of my coaching & my business is but there's no substitute for declaring it clearly. You deserve to know who I am & if rocking with me, growing with me & believing in my dream is worthwhile. This is how I roll:

+I believe that women are outstanding. I have been blessed to know some phenomenal women. Women who pursue their dreams with dogged persistence or quiet focus, women who are mommas that wear sexy clothing, women who can cook a mean ass meal and write a speech that will make you weep, women who are entrepreneurs, women who go out of their way to spread love, women who keep showing up no matter how many times life has knocked them down, women who use their voices to make their pieces of the world more just, more beautiful, more thoughtful, more fun, & more whole.

+I believe in being. In the U.S., we live in a society that values doing over being. A society that conditions us to ask “What do you do (for work)?” instead of “What do you do (that lights you up)?” But how you be matters because how you be is the driving force behind what you do.

+I believe that your voice matters. You are not stupid. Your feelings are valid. Your story is important. You are not cookie cutter. You are unique.

+I believe in authenticity. What you like matters. And so does what you don’t. What you want matters. And so does what you don’t. Be who you are. The world needs more of you.

+I want to live in a world where not knowing what you want to do doesn’t mean you’re useless, not valuable, wasting time, or doomed.

+I want to live in a world that let’s you change - opinions, hairstyles, body sizes, partners - without telling you you’re phony, flaky, wrong or bad.

+I want to live in a world where love is the bottom line. Not money.

+I want to live in a world that values self-development just as much as academic, financial, athletic & career development.

I'm building a tribe of Life Remix Rebels. You in?