5 things I learned from 4 days in Colombia

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The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Cartagena, Colombia had been on my radar for years & finally in December 2016 I resolved to get there in 2017.

Alone or with friends, it was happening. 

After sending out a few texts, along with some emails, in about 2 weeks 2 friends & I were all set - hotel & flights booked. Done! My desire lived in me for 2 years before I actually decided to make it happen no matter what.

There were always reasons that made so much sense in my head why I couldn't go.

But here's the truth: I was spending PLENTY of money on & making time for dinners, clothes, & other BS.  

It was when I decided that I got my rear into gear & made this trip happen.

There's something about that no matter what, come hell or high water mentality that really propels you forward.

It's what makes you get up half an hour earlier to journal or stay up an hour later to finish your project.

It's what makes you register for that class or have that difficult conversation. 

Where are you denying yourself the opportunity for play & exploration?

What desires are you pushing to the back burner?

As one of our cab drivers put it, "Cartagena has two seasons - hot & very hot!" He wasn't lying. I have a hate hate relationship with humidity but the city is so beautiful & the people are so warm that I just went with the flow.

Did I complain? Yes! Did I stay in the energy of complaining? No. Not cause I'm super conscious or amazingly evolved but because I had a choice -

Love where I was & find a way to appreciate all of it, even the aspects that weren't my favorite, or let a fact define my experience?

Fact - it extremely humid & hot. But did that have to be the only truth of my vacation? No. The truth was that I was in a beautiful country, with great friends, able to safely explore, eat well, & stay in a safe & comfortable hotel.

Where are things that can't be changed dictating how you experience your life?

As we were in a cab, going to the walled city, we were driving along outside the wall & there was a great picture that my friend was trying to take. But on a busy highway, in a moving car? Wasn't gonna happen. 

Yet, without us saying a word, our driver slowed down to a crawl so she could take her picture.

Did he do it for a better tip? Maybe. Did he run the risk of angering the other drivers for slowing down traffic. Absolutely! Did we ask him to slow down? Nope.

But he did. He saw a moment to do something kind for some tourists he would never see again. He had no guarantee that we would tip him let alone tip him well. We were chatting away & with our pretty non-existent Spanish speaking skills we really couldn't say much other than engage him in conversation. But he chose to do something kind. Even though we were clueless he was observing us & he did it anyway.

That moment of thoughtfulness, those few minutes made a simple cab ride a moment to extend joy and care.

It's in the space that spontaneity, play, & inspiration are available.

It's in the space that clarity & focus are attainable.

It doesn't take much space to create change in your life. But it does require some of that no matter what energy.

Where can you apply some of that come hell or high water energy in your life?