You deserve to chase your dreams

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Faith deeply wanted to leave the 9-5 hustle behind but she needed that salary. For years, needing that corporate salary was her very logical reason for not pursuing her dreams.

Forget not pursuing, as soon as she would get a hint of inspiration she would automatically think of all the reasons why she couldn’t. She was an expert goal setter & a pro at checking her goals off her list but she didn’t associate her goals with her potential.

Goals were these hard things to achieve that meant status or wealth or some other external definition that came from her family, corporations, or society.

“Potential doesn’t pay bills” was something she heard her parents say all her life. In her world, potential was for dreamers not doers.

Her teachers would tell her she had so much potential & with practice she could be an amazing singer. “Potential doesn’t pay bills, Faith”, she'd hear her parents say so she put that dream in back of her mind.

Her parents meant well. All they wanted was for Faith to pursue a practical skill that would leave her secure.

But a side effect of their best intentions was planting the seed of her fearing failure, fearing rejection, and doubting her desires if they weren't practical.

Fast forward to Faith entering the working world. One of her first managers told her “Faith, you have the potential to go far in this industry.” But that time didn’t hear that familiar phrase “potential doesn’t pay bills”. That’s cause that kind of potential paid her bills. And Faith kept focusing on paying those bills.

Eventually, the dreams of something else, something that fulfilled her were all she daydreamed about. She considered taking singing lessons but after all those years of pushing her potential to the side she didn’t actually believe in herself anymore.

What if she didn’t get her goal?

For a goal achiever like Faith, not getting her goal would mean that she didn’t live up to her potential. She was so focused on achieving that she cut herself off from all the benefits of exploring her dreams.

The potential that lives inside you doesn’t have to stay hidden. Even if you’re struggling to believe in yourself or feel like it’s too late, it doesn’t have to be. You deserve to chase your dreams.

do you know what Your Dreams are?

If I asked you right now what you secretly dream about doing or becoming, would those desires spill out of you like a broken dam or have you buried them so deeply you don’t even know what they might be?

Whether you know what they are or you’re clueless, whip out your journal & answer these questions:

1) What do you do now, not because you have to, that feels like play?

When you do these things time stops, you’re not thinking about the past or the future, & you’re completely connected to the present moment.

2) What do you do that comes easily to you & leaves you feeling fulfilled & at peace?

You might be able to write computer code in your sleep but it doesn’t leave you feeling content or joyful. Those are the feelings you’re aiming for.

Look at your answers & notice if those activities are connected to your dreams or dreams you used to have. It might not be clear at first but don’t worry. These questions can help to start to uncover your passions.

tell yourself the truth.

Take the time to get honest with yourself. Why do these dreams scare you? Have you been worried about what your family & friends would say? Are you scared your partner will tell you to get real? Do you think you don’t have what it takes? No one will ever see these answers but the motivation you’ll need to pursue your potential is hiding underneath the fears. Name them.

Confront the fears.

The fears we have are valid. I’m not someone that screams “Fear is a liar!” Those fears exist for a reason but more often than not once you look at them in the light, they lose some of their charge.

what’s the evidence you have that’s the opposite of your fear?

Fears have a way of making you forget that you’ve tried to do so many things & you were successful! It’s time to bring those truths to the surface.


After all this you might realize you’re not ready yet. Maybe you aren’t ready for your life to change. Maybe to pursue your dreams you’ll have to change your schedule, spend less, ask for help, set boundaries, or something else. This is the moment when you get to decide.

If now isn’t the time, don’t stop! Give yourself the gift of imagining it. What does it look like? At this point, you’re most likely overwhelmed so ease into it. Allow yourself to go at your own pace.


Have you decided now is the time? Beautiful! But don’t be surprised if your excitement turns to fear. It’s that familiar tug between resisting & allowing.

Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.
— Paulo Coelho

Now that you’ve awakened your potential & reawakened your dreams, can you go back to ignoring or burying them?

It takes courage to pursue your dreams but you’ll gain so much, including having the chance to grow more confident, learning how to keep going even when it gets hard, & being proud of yourself for taking a chance to live a more fulfilled & purposeful life.

Are you so intimately clear with your desires you can feel it in your bones?

The clearer you are the easier it becomes to behave in ways that are in alignment with what you say you want.

If now is the time for clarity, then sign up below for the Reboot Mini-Course: Drop the Hustle, Get Focused, & Reignite Your Goals.