Do this before you make your resolutions

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I love the dawn of a new year & the energy of a fresh start. It’s filled with hope & possibility. The energy is palpable & fun.

You set your resolutions with the best of intentions. You say that your resolutions are a way of motivating yourself to change a habit.

But they’re often about running away from yourself.

So you make grand resolutions that are often so hard to keep up with that if you don’t follow through you feel confused, frustrated, & disappointed in yourself.

By the way, about 40% of the adults in the United States make a New Year’s Resolution every year. Out of those, only about 25% will have broken one or more of them within two weeks. And by the end of January, the failure rate increases to 50%, according to John Norcross, a psychology professor at the University of Scranton and author of Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing your Goals and Resolutions.

What can you do if resolutions are your kryptonite but you still want a guiding theme for the year?

Start with picking a word of the year. It’s the one word that is your guiding light for the year. Think of it as the filter through which you’ll use to make your decisions.



When making resolutions you usually make a ton of them at once.

“I’m going to get a new job! Go to dance class 5 tines a week! Save 70% of my paycheck!”

And they all have to start in January. At the same time. Your brain can only handle so many things at once. It's not possible for you to focus on making too many changes.

But when you have that word of the year, you can choose what your resolutions are based off what that theme you decided you want for the year. If you choose peace, then every resolution you make will be guided towards feeling or creating peace.


Without proper focus on your resolution, it's bound to fail. "Out of sight, out of mind," may be a cliché, but most sayings such as these are based in some bit of truth. Getting busy with day to day responsibilities, poor time management, daily stressors and other distractions can rob your attention from your important goals. Deciding to prioritize your resolution and making a plan to keep it at the forefront of your mind will go far toward making it a reality.


Take out your journal & follow the five step process below.

1) List the major areas of your life. Keep it general by thinking of each category as a chapter. Here are a few areas you can use:

  • Family

  • Education

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Leisure

  • Finances

2) How do you want to feel in each area? Here are some feeling words to inspire you:

  • Alive

  • Strong

  • Successful

  • Free

  • Competent

  • Abundant

  • Happy

3) How did you feel about each area of your life at the end of last year?

4) What’s the unifying feeling between how you felt about your life at the end of last year & how you desire to feel this year? Are there any differences? Keep digging until you hone in one the top 3 ways you want to feel this year.

5) Say each feeling word out loud with your eyes closed. Notice how your body feels as you say each word. One word should stick out more than the rest & that’s your word!

Put this word everywhere - on your mirror, your laptop, your closet doors, etc. Allow this word to guide you as you make all your decisions. Let it be your guiding light & if you need to, redo this process throughout the year.

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