What if procrastination is a part of your process?

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Does procrastination seem to be a condition that no matter what you try to fix you just can't escape?

You've tried the productivity apps, the planners, having someone hold you accountable and a tons of other methods to stop procrastinating but nothing seems to work. 

There are so many ways to beat yourself up about being a procrastinator: "I'm lazy" or "I have shi*&y time management skills" or my personal favorite "I work better under pressure."

Let's dig into these.

"I have shi*&y time management skills." If that's all it was then with all the apps, planners, time management courses and books available, I'm sure you would have found something that you like by now? So I'm betting there's more to it.

"I work better under pressure." Is that true? Do you actually like the anxiety you feel from worrying about getting it done by the deadline or getting the money by the due date, having the rest of your life grind to a halt or the overwhelm of everything is riding on this?

"I must not want it bad enough."  At this point of your life, I'm guessing you know whether you're kind of interested or genuinely desire the thing.

These are a few of the beliefs you have that make you feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed and/or fearful to go after what you desire.

What if procrastination is a part of your process?

Think about some times you've been faced with a decision and you procrastinating served you.

Maybe it gave you time to find a better solution? Or brainstorm a more affordable option?

It requires awareness and a strategy to turn your procrastination into a tool that doesn't lead to you to never make a choice or abandoning your desires completely.

But if you can move forward, even if you're not a 100% yet, you'll open the door to begin feeling the satisfaction of progress instead of the fear of procrastination.

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