When being stubborn keeps you stuck

Fu*k it energy has power behind it - there’s a momentum that you can feel in your body. It’s like a battery surge & can lead to not only massive action but swift action.

But not the kind where you walk out of your job even though you no savings but the kind where you come to believe that now is the time and you deserve better, you deserve to feel good and get what you desire.

What will it take to find the courage to be unapologetically you?

A close friend of mine, let’s call her Susan, had been unemployed for awhile. She has a God-given gift for fashion.

Susan’s one of those women that makes a white t-shirt & jeans look like she just stepped off the runway. Go away, Susan & let me wear my sweat pants in peace.

After years of never working in fashion, she took the leap & pursued her passion. But it’s tough getting started in fashion, especially if you’re not young & willing to work like a dog at first.

5 ways to unlock your potential & take your power back

It sucks when you feel like you're waiting on that perfect job, perfect someone, or just constantly waiting for that ever elusive thing to happen so you can finally enjoy your life.

Instead of looking outside yourself, look within and learn 5 steps you can take to unlock your potential and take control of your life!