Declutter your spirit and your mind

We live in a society that pushes us to keep buying more. To keep accumulating more. To keep doing more so that we can be happy & fulfilled.

But there comes a moment when we realize that all of our clothes, shoes, things we buy on sale cause the deal is too good to pass up are overflowing from our closets, attics, basements, & garages but that happiness & fulfillment aren’t present.

Acts of self-love are always worth it

What do you think if when you think about when you hear the phrase self-love? Self-care?

I don’t blame you if you just sighed loudly  & an impressive eye roll happened. But why are these such buzz words?

It didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s not just marketing. I propose that we’re depleted & we’re desperately craving the permission to put ourselves first again. We’re awakening to a deep knowing that we’re depleted and our self-care, our self-talk, our self-image, and our self-esteem are taking severe hits.

Rewrite Your Story Series with Sarah Silvas-Bernstein: How to Regain Your Power

What if your body is the pathway to reclaiming your power?

In a world where there never seems to be enough time to do all the things, there's starting to be a shift back to what people often call “woo-woo” activities like meditating, seasonal rituals, tarot reading, etc.

This shift is a natural rebalancing of years of focusing on the outward back to the inward. Back to the innate power, that I believe, we are all born with.

Rewrite Your Story Series with Marisa Flores: How to Keep Going When You Have a Setback

Fear, doubt, & guilt are some of the key culprits that make us believe we can't change directions in our lives even when we know the path we're on just isn't the right fit anymore.

I'm on a mission to change our perspective.

Join me for the Rewrite Your Story series where I'll interview relatable, fun & inspiring women. We'll talk about fear, success, overwhelm & just have an honest conversation about life & how they keep going even when life doesn't go as planned.