Do this before you make your resolutions

I love the dawn of a new year & the energy of a fresh start. It’s filled with hope & possibility. The energy is palpable & fun.

You set your resolutions with the best of intentions. You say that your resolutions are a way of motivating yourself to change a habit.

But they’re often about running away from yourself, running away from the choices you wish you didn’t make & thinking that you have to change who you are.

What it looks like when you have trouble trusting

We’ve all been lied to.

We’ve all lied.

Maybe it’s the white lie you tell your friend when she gets a new haircut cause you don’t want to hurt her feelings. Or a CYA (cover your a$&) type of lie cause telling the truth could cost you time, money, status, or more.

Your parents told you everything was fine but really they were struggling to make ends meet but didn’t want to worry you. When you found out you understood but deep down you wished they would’ve shared that even though everything wasn’t okay it would be.

When we lie our reasons are justified. We’re not trying to hurt someone, usually, it’s more about protection. Of ourselves or of them.