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I was feel very anxious and overwhelmed. I was having a hard time seeing a way to manage the demands of my both my professional and personal life. I was having a really hard time figuring out how I was going to continue being mom, wife and provider/breadwinner in my home without completely breaking down.

My 8 sessions with you have been AS impactful as the multiple years of therapy that I did. I would tell them that I got more value out of it than I ever anticipated.

[Now] I feel so much more hopeful. I still face challenges but they don't feel as insurmountable and I believe that given time and/or planning they will work out.

The 100% most impactful result of our time has been the dulling of the negative/critical voice in my head. It’s there but 1. I know how to work with/around it and 2. it doesn’t speak up as often. It’s been very refreshing and such a relief. I don’t miss the voice at all when it’s not there.
— Derrica Lane


Loha’s coaching is supportive & encouraging yet challenging. When working with her she creates a comfortable and warm environment that allows me to open up and tap into thoughts and feelings that I would normally push to the side. 

Loha's coaching is not one size fits all.

I would absolutely recommend Loha to anyone ready to put in the work to make a shift in their life.

She’s been able to offer me tangible takeaways that I can use to help push me forward after our sessions. They have really made a difference in moving me closer to my goal.
— Lisa Chartrand

I felt I needed a neutral set of eyes to peek into my life. I personally couldn’t dive deep into my issues. It was as if I couldn’t see my truth in the mirror.

Loha showed me a different approach on building myself self esteem up. She showed me a way to unlearn the negative patterns I used when I thought I was failing in life. When she asked just a simple question it was like a light bulb went off.

I was extremely shocked because I didn't expect to have such clarity.

I hung up feeling so fresh and full of life. I’m so grateful for the wonderful experience she gave me.
— B. Johnson


I was immediately drawn to & able to connect with just how real this woman was on the other end of the line. Loha's coaching has been a balance of powerful questions that have challenged me to look at things from different perspectives, respectful curiosity and understanding, coupled with the strong support of a woman who has been able to bring light to some of the shifting pieces that I was unable to step outside of myself and put together. 

She will ask exciting & sometimes challenging questions that will push you to look within rather than externally for your truth, but you won't be alone. She will be there with you in the stuck with a solid dose of real & "We've got this!" and she will be there with you in the times of celebration. For that and so much more, my time with her has been invaluable.

Loha has helped me to navigate and draw out the areas in my life where I was already living true to myself and to learn how to draw on the confidence and power I felt in those spaces to step courageously into other places in my life where I crave more of that.
— Andraya Stender


I really enjoy my sessions with Loha because she's very down to earth and relatable. She has me looking forward to my sessions with her because I see growth in myself in each session. With Loha I feel supported and heard, she validates that every issue I bring to her is worth exploring.

I would recommend her to anyone that feels like they’re in a transition phase of their life & would like to explore the transition, you will gain valuable insight in your relationship with her. 
— Jackie Visger


Loha has a laser-like intensity, but delivers it with compassionate reassurance to let you know she is going to walk beside you in a warm and supportive way throughout your coaching experience with her.

Coaching with Loha helped me create the perspective I needed to generate the momentum I wanted.

It was clear from the beginning that I’d signed on with a coach who was going to hold me accountable for doing my work. When she said ‘let’s explore that doubt instead of wishing it wasn’t there’, I knew she was going to challenge me!
— Jean Dawkins

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