Rethink+Thrive Audio: Decluttering your spirit and your mind

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decluttering your spirit and your mind

We live in a society that pushes us to keep buying more. To keep accumulating more. To keep doing more so that we can be happy & fulfilled.

But there comes a moment when we realize that all of our clothes, shoes, things we buy on sale cause the deal is too good to pass up are overflowing from our closets, attics, basements, & garages but that happiness & fulfillment aren’t present.

It’s not just the stuff that clutters your physical home to sort through. What about the life experiences that were tough, relationships that drain you, beliefs & behaviors created to cope that exhaust you are cluttering your internal home?


Rethink+Thrive Audio: How to start talking the talk

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how to start talking the talk

A moment that really stands out in my life, is when I told my personal trainer about a friend who’s on her journey to become a licensed trainer & said “She’s a gym person.”

Subtext: My friend is so dedicated...unlike me. 

I almost thought I grew a third eye with the way my trainer looked at me & said “You’re a gym person!”

There I was, in the gym sweating my ass off, smelling like a teenage boy, & I was still using language of who I used to be. Of how I used to be. Not the language of who I am being. Who I am becoming.

And I didn’t even realize it cause it was habit. A habit that denies the energy I’m putting into creating what I desire.

Rethink+Thrive Audio: The positive side of procrastination

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the positive side of procrastination

Are you silently suffering under the shame of procrastination?

Do you crack jokes about being a proud procrastinator but you do it so no one realizes you don't know how to break free?

As a fellow procrastinator, I get your struggle! 😓

But I'm here with some relief. Listen for a way to shift your perspective, stop beating yourself up & start making peace with your procrastination.


Rethink+Thrive Audio: 5 ways to unlock your potential and take your power back


5 ways to unlock your potential and take your power back

It sucks when you feel like you're waiting on that perfect job, perfect someone, or just constantly waiting for that ever elusive thing to happen so you can finally enjoy your life.

Instead of looking outside yourself, look within and learn 5 steps you can take to unlock your potential and take control of your life!


Rethink+Thrive Audio: Sometimes the simplest step is the most powerful one



Life comes at us pretty fast. Gotta check our phones constantly for texts, emails, updates to social media statuses, etc. Your boss needs you to stay late without any advance notice.

Your coworkers insist that you to go to happy hour cause Sheila in accounting is leaving but you don’t even know her like that.

Your mom assumes you’re going to your third cousin twice removed’s birthday party cause what will Uncle Peter say if you don’t show up! Don’t forget about your endless to do list.



Rethink+Thrive Audio: You deserve to chase your dreams


you deserve to chase your dreams

If I asked you right now what you secretly dream about doing or becoming, would those desires spill out of you like a broken dam or have you buried them so deeply you don’t even know what they might be?

Whether you know what they are or you’re clueless, listen as I take you through some questions to get you closer to that answer.

Rethink+Thrive Audio: You can’t just plant your resolutions, you have to water them, too


you can’t just plant your resolutions, you have to water them, too

The pull to be more, do more, & achieve more is natural. But there’s also this collective expectation that we’re not going to follow through.

What is it that motivates to try again, every year? Why are we all leaning into these resolution rituals even though most of us don’t follow through?


Rethink+Thrive Audio: Retire “I will never have enough” from your vocabulary


retire “i will never have enough” from your vocabulary

What do you think of when you think of prosperity & abundance?

Your definition can be as simple or as grand as you believe.

There's no shame in wanting nice stuff. But I'm confident that it's not just the stuff you want. It's that feeling of abundance. The pleasure of prosperity that you're seeking.

Listen as I talk about the simplest way I know to regularly start creating the FEELING of abundance in your life.

Rethink+Thrive Audio: Give your old dreams some love, then keep going


give your old dreams some love, then keep going

When you first try something new, when you first attempt to make that genius idea a reality you go into it knowing you won’t get it 100% right.

Then your monkey mind urges you to say “fu&k it!” & ditch that idea. Cause keeping you safe at all costs is all t’s concerned with. Failure can feel like dying.

What dreams do you have that deserve a conscious goodbye?


Rethink+Thrive Audio: When being stubborn keeps you stuck


when being stubborn keeps you stuck

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought I’ll show them or I’ll stick this out?

What is on the other side of your stubbornness? The need to be right? The need to feel in control?

When you actively start paying attention to why you’re refusing to take action even though you know you should you have the chance to create what I call Fu*k It energy.