+You think you should legally change your name to Procrastination

+You laugh & smile but you're secretly ashamed cause you don't    know what the next step in your life is

+You've started & stopped so many things you don't trust                yourself anymore

+You know you need to forgive to move on & you've tried but you    can't & it's killing you

+Something is holding you back from reaching your true potential    & you're frustrated, scared & lonely

+You're trapped in your very own groundhog day


+Finally pursue your dreams

+Communicate clearly, honestly & courageously 

+Strategize effective ways to manage overwhelm 

+Trust yourself again

+Say no & mean it

+Forgive yourself & finally have some peace

+Start putting yourself first 


LIFE REMIX COACHING is a good fit for you if...

+You are committed to going on a journey of self-exploration & recognize transformation is a process

+You are open to deeply engaging with your desires, fears, & doubts

+You are willing to be stretched outside of your comfort zone

+You consider yourself a lifelong learner

LIFE REMIX COACHING is not a good fit for you if...

+You only want goal oriented strategies & hate "woo-woo" activities such as journaling or meditation

+You're unwilling to be compassionately challenged

+You're looking for a quick fix

+You don't have at least 1-2 hours weekly, outside of our time together, to implement practices & strategies 

+You don't have the financial resources to invest in coaching


one-on-one coaching

The coaching-client relationship is an intimate one & we'll determine if we're in alignment with each other during your complimentary breakthrough call. 

If we agree to move forward, we'll meet for one hour phone sessions weekly for a minimum of three months (12 sessions in total). This time frame allows us to dig deep & start to make real change in your life. 


I will stand beside you as you RECONNECT TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE before you got weighed down by the "shoulds" of life.

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