Get Out of Self-Sabotage & Transform Self-Doubt into Self-Trust.


Here's What I Want You To Know

When you feel confident about who you are now & honor your past, you'll begin trusting yourself again.

That self-trust is the key to making choices that turn your vision into your reality.

There's nothing wrong with you. You're just anchored to your shame.

You can reconnect to your brilliance.

I believe that you can tap into your divine excellence no matter what's happened in your past.

I believe that where you are now doesn't have to determine where you'll finish.

I believe that telling the truth, to ourselves & others, is more complicated than we like to admit. But we should still tell it.

I believe that taking a leap, even when you're scared, is sometimes exactly what you need to do. But without self-compassion, it's a form of punishment. It can take years to learn the difference. And that's okay.

You're believing in yourself less. You're comparing yourself to others more. You're frustrated, confused, & ashamed.


You're following The Path (school, degree, job, career, family, relationship, etc.) but don't actually feel good along the way.

Maybe you've said f*%# the path but can't find your own way.

You set goals, take that new class, watch less Netflix, switch jobs, get the promotion, & do all the different things. But your overwhelm, doubt, & procrastination aren't disappearing.

Each time the new thing doesn't fix the fear you start wondering what's wrong with you. 

You Know You're Meant for More.

How I Roll


Client Love

my 8 sessions with you have been AS impactful as the multiple years of therapy that I did. I would tell them that I got more value out of it than I ever anticipated.
— Derrica Lane

What Happens When We Work Together?


together we will

  • Uncover the beliefs that are feeding your doubt

  • Awaken to the Stories you're telling yourself

  • Stop fighting your Inner Critic

  • Move out of your (un)comfort zone

  • Identify those patterns of overwhelm & procrastination

  • Identify your priorities

so that you can

  • Create new beliefs to rebuild your self-trust. It's time to form a new relationship with yourself so you feel whole, loved, & empowered.

  • Reframe those old Stories & create new stories

  • Work with your Inner Critic

  • Create routines and rituals that support the life you want to create

  • Design an action plan to bring your visions to life

  • Embrace all aspects of your journey, even the uncomfortable parts


Is Life Remix Coaching Right For You?

  • You're open to new ideas.

  • You're comfortable with a mix "woo-woo" practices like meditation, journaling, etc.

  • You're ready to show up for yourself with honesty & courage.

  • You understand that you're responsible for showing up & doing the work.

  • You value investing in yourself.

  • You're willing to take sensible risks.

  • You love to laugh!

2 Month Coaching Package

  • 8 x 60 minute weekly calls

  • Email support between sessions, as necessary, cause life doesn't tell us when those curve balls are coming

  • Exercises on every call cause I believe in coaching you not only your problems

  • Homework between sessions to help you stay focused & figure out which tools work best for you

  • Recommended materials & resources, as needed

  • Confidential & judgement-free zone cause deep work can get messy

Are you feeling that spark of possibility in your belly?

Investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Go with your gut & schedule a no-obligation 45 minute Dive Deeper Call.

On our call, we'll discuss where you are now & where you want to be. You'll also learn more about me & my coaching style. By the end of our time together, we'll have the information we need to decide if working together is right for you.

I believe that you deserve to feel good about the choices you make. I want you to start practicing trusting yourself again from the first moment we speak so I don't do hard-selling or use pressure tactics. 


Sign up for the free 5 day Confidence+Courage Audio Training to finally get the tools you need to unhook from self-doubt & awaken the confident woman within.


I believe that to really trust yourself, you must get intimate with your doubts over & over again. Then you can learn what works for you so you can live with clarity & confidence.

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